Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well the exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art went really well. Lots of people showed up and there was a lot of very good feedback on everyone's entries. As well, five pieces were sold but, not mine this time.

Today's posting are the figurative oil sketches I did in Jennifer Balkan's figurative workshop that went for five Mondays. The first two Mondays, we did 5, 10 and 15 minute gestures with a live model in a light, dark and mid-tone value.

Two of the 5 minute poses using a light and dark--using capturing shapes and values here.
Two of the 10 minute gesture poses, this time adding a third mid-tone value to suggest the curve of the body.
Color! Adding yellow and purples to the skin tones here to get the shadows (previously just used red/green/yellow) to these 15 minute gesture poses
Again, using the same palette as above but longer poses--30 minutes this time.

The last night of the workshop, we did one painting from a model. This will be the next post. All in all, I really learned a lot about painting skin. Doing these quick gesture oil sketches from a model were fun and energizing. Now comes the really fun part of taking all this information and translating it into my work.

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  1. Hello Ann
    Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm honoured.
    I like your paintings very much.The blonde 3 down here looks kinda like me.